1. Hampton Green Hotel
To start you on your Pandoras Box quest you will need to go and talk with Fassat, He hides himself away on the bottom floor of the Hampton Green Hotel (Nearest hardline is Hapton Green East). It's best to bring a bribe with you, 1 Million info should do the trick, in return he will trade you some Research Notes. After the deal goes down make your way to the exit.

2. International Mission
Reading the research notes reveals that there may be a person of interest to you in the international district, Make your way there and "Use" the research notes. This starts up a mission, After you talk with the doctor you will be sent on a mission to get an artifact, Be carefull though, This phase of the mission is filled with hostile characters, although you don't have to kill these i would advise you do so, they tend to drop good $info and loot. Make your way to the unlocked safe in the mission area and take the Postcard and Scalpel.

3. White Lotus Hotel
Reading the Postcard reveals a clue that says "He's in the hotel", The picture on the front is of the monument in front of the White Lotus hotel. Make your way to the Shinjuku District in International.

Inside the hotel you will find Mr.Pillsworth, He works on the Check-In desks on the left as you walk in the door. He will pay you $150,000 for your Post Card, and he will trade your Scalpel for another Scalpel and a Business Card for Mr.P. This is a save point for the "Cruicible of Affliction" (Box 1) if you fail the next stage you will have to return to here and trade your Scalpel with Mr.Pillsworth once again.

4. Downtown Mission
Mr.P's Card has a Downtown address on the back, Make your way Downtown and use Mr.P's Card, this starts another mission.

The first objective of the mission is to take out a new people and have a chat with someone, After that you will be sent on your way to the Goverment Building in Park East, At this point its best to get a team member to load the "Lock Pick" and "Hacker" abilitys as you will need both in this mission phase. After taking out the hostiles you will be left with one locked door, Pick the lock, and talk with Dr. Voss, He will ask you to hack the nearby computer and take him to it.

5. Cruicible of Affliction
Uppon completing the Downtown mission you will find that a "Cruicible of Affiliction" (Box 1) has spawned in your inventory. The item can only be used in the Downtown area and when you are 100M away from the nearest hardline.

Its best to get a team of players to help you out with this, when the box is used it spawns 3 waves of level 40 Doctors who have a lot more abilitys loaded than your normal NPC. The special loot from these NPC's (The Naforius Research Notes, Medical Record on Patient 75331, and Notice of Termination) are similar to code bits, they need to be uploaded and if you die you will have a chance to loose them unless you get Rez, they are also Non-Tradable, my advice is to wait untill all 3 waves have been killed and then looting the bodies, and the Safe (You should find a Surgical Mask in the safe)

Should you fail the box you can return to the White Lotus hotel and talk with Mr. Pillsworth once again.

6. The Archaeologist
Once you have collected all your loot from the NPC's make your way to the Archaeologist, He hangs out around the subway in the Historic district (Downtown) He will offer you the following trades:


  • 5 x Blood Splattered Notes


  • 5 x Blood Splattered Notes
  • Naforius Record
  • Notice of Termination
  • Medical Recor
  • Doctor's Gloves


  • 15 x Blood Splattered Notes
  • Tissue Sample
  • Surgeon's Gloves

1. Loripor
To begin the second box you will need to go and talk with Loripor, She hides just north of Debir Court, Trade your Bloody Surgical Mask and Scalpel, and in return she will give you another Surgical Mask and some Origami Paper.

This is another save point in your Pandoras Box quest. Should you fail any of the missions that follow you will be able to return and trade the Surgical Mask once again.

2. International Mission
Reading the details of the Origami Paper will hint towards the International District, Make haste, Once you get there "Use" the Origami Paper and the next mission will begin.

This mission has only one phase, You will meet up with Argon and you will need to wipe out thier crew. Once you terminate the crew, argon will give you an Encrypted Keyfob.

3. Metacortex
Your little talk with Argon in the last missions hints you towards the Metacortex building in Morrell. Before you make your way there though you need to grab one of each of these items:

  • Silver Badges - They drop from the NPCs in Park East
  • Gold Badges - They drop from the NPCs in Industry Sqaure and Stratford Campus
  • Eagle Pins - They drop from the NPCs in Creston Heights

After collecting these items make your way to Metacortex, Dont forget to load Hyper Jump though ! The collector your looking for is Daniel Cates, he hides out on the roof of Metacortex. He will give you a Kalt Lobby Pass and a Encrypted Keyfob in return for your Silver badge,Gold Badge, Eagle Pin and Encrypted Keyfob.

Once again we have another save point.

4. Kedemoth Mission
Reading the Kalt Pass hints you towards the slums, Make your way to the Kalt building, its located in Richland in the Kedemoth district, once you get there "Use" the Kalt Pass, it will start a mission in the Kalt Building. Its best to have a team member loadt Lock Picks and Hacker for this mission as you will need to pick locks and hack some computers.

The first phase of the missions requires you to search 3 computers, An access key will drop from one of the NPC's and allow you access to one computer, but you will need to hack the other two. When you complete all the objectives you will talk with Kalt herself, after a short chat its time to leave the mission area and move on to the next phase.

The second phase of the mission will have you searching Dr. Voss's apartment, once again your Hacker and Lock picks are required for this phase. When you get inside you will need to interact with the phone, search the computer and open the safe, Once you do this, leave the mission area and upload the information you found in the appartment. The mission is now over and you should find that the "Thurible of Meditation" (box 2) has spawned in your inventory.

5. Thurible of Meditation
This box works the exact same way as the first one, it can only be used in Downtown and when you are 100M away from the nearest hardline. Its best to assemble a team of players to help out with the box.

After opening the box you are faced with three waves of NPC's, the first wave has the toughest NPC, The next wave has more NPC's but there level is lower, and the Final wave has even more NPC's with the level being lowered again. As with the first box, the loot is non tradable and has the same properties as a Code Bit's (you will lose it if you die, and you are not rezzed)

6. The Archaeologist
Its time to pay a visit to The Archaeologist once again, Make your way to the Subway in the Historic district, He will offer you the following trade:


  • 3 x Tiger Cloths


  • 3 x Tiger Cloths
  • Earth Scroll
  • Wind Scroll
  • Water scroll
  • Fire Scroll
  • Void Scroll
  • Tiger Acolyte's Gi / Coat


  • 9 x Tiger Cloths
  • Calligraphy Brush
  • Tiger Warrior's Gi/Coat

1. Hampton Green Hotel
Its time to go back to Hampton Green and pay a visit to Fassat, He will be waiting for you again on the bottom floor of the Hampton Green Hotel. He will trade the your Encrypted Keyfob, Mysterious Headband, and Surgical Mask for a Headband and Clef's Business Card.

2. Richland Mission
Using Clef's Business Card in Richland will start up another mission, This mission is a  is filled with NPC's and you should find Clef's body, When you finish the mission you should have a Special Silver Badge spawn in your inventory.

3. Park East Collector
Make your way to the neighbourhood collector in the Part East district (Downtown), His name is Officer Taylor and he will trade you a White Cell Phone after you hand over the Special Badge.

4. International Mission
Using the Cell Phone in International will start another short mission in which you meet up with Dame White, She will give you an Intricate Key.

5. Creston Collector
Take your Intricate Key to the Tarah Construction site in Creston Heights, There is a collector that hides out in one of the towers, If you give him the Intricate Key he will hand over a GPS Locator, and another Intricate Key.

This is a save point for this Box, So if you mess up or don't get all the loot you need for your Pandoras clothing item, you can come back here and redo the next few missions.

6. Downtown Mission

"Use" the GPS Locator in Downtown to start the next mission. At the end of this mission you'll receive Vessel of Suffering

7. Vessel of Suffering

This box spawns three waves of increasingly tougher NPCs. The experience is kind of like the box from Box 1, except these guys are harder, and they look cooler than the Psycho Doctors. Once again it is recommended to have a team of players to help you out before dropping this box. Once you have defeated all waves, loot the body's. Yet again the special drops (The Operations Report, RE: New Agent Prototype, Preemtive Strike Order, and Message to Survivors) are treated like code and are non tradable so make sure the person who dropped the box is the only one looting.

8. The Archaeologist

Its time again, Yup you guessed it, Go pay a visit to The Archaeologist, Make your way to the Subway in the Historic district, He will offer you the following trade:


  • 3 x Utility Belts


  • 4 x Utility Belts
  • Operations Report
  • RE: New Agent Prototypes
  • Preemptive Strike Orders
  • Message to Survivors
  • Sharpshooter Shirt


  • 11 x Utility Belts
  • Squad Leader Insignia
  • Sniper Shirt

1. Creston Heights Museum
Make your way to the Creston Heights Museum (The closest hardline is Creston Heights South West), We are going to have a talk with Kirjath Arba hanging, She tends to hang out on the second floor of the hideout. She will trade you a Mobile Tracker and Goggles for your Intricate Key, Uninspected Goggles, and Headband.
If your not level 50 or you simply don't want the NPC's attacking you on the way through the hideout its best to load up Disguise, Doing so will allow you to walk though without any hassle.

2. Richland Mission
Using the Mobile Tracker in any part of the Slums will start another mission, This mission will have you meet with Flood (the second in command to the Merovingian), But first you will have to beat your way through his vampire bodyguards. When you defeat them all, Flood will give you The Merovingian's Chit.

3. Club Cyclo
Flood hints you towards a club that was mentioned in the previous box missions, I you don't recall or didn't read mission log, he is talking about Club Cyclo in Morrell (Morrel South is the closest hardline), Make your way there and talk with Caleb Vitus, He will give you Caleb's Note if you trade him the Merovingians Chit.

4. International Mission
Make your way to International and "Use" the Caleb's Note, This will start up mission which will see you put up against an interesting bunch of NPC's, Once you battle your way through both phases and complete the mission you will receive the Antediluvian's Countersign.

5. Abandoned Subway

One of the NPC's in the last mission will hint you towards a subway that is no longer in use, after a quick look over the map we realise he is talking about the Abandoned Subway in Roger's Way (Closest hardline is Roger's Way Central). But don't make your way there just yet, first we will have to go talk with Wrightby. He hangs out near Morrel South and collects the Red Bandanna's which drop from the Morrel NPC's, In return for 20 Bandanna's he will give you a Brightflash Auto (which you will need when you go to the Abandoned Subway). It might be a good idea to farm 40-60 Red Bandanna's at this point because it is very rare that you will get all the loot you need for the top item in this Box first time around.

After you make the trade with Wrightby, make your way to the Abandoned Subway and talk with Lo Ruhamah, She tend to hideout in the room to the right of the one with the Elevators in it. She will trade you your Brightflash Auto and Antediluvian Countersign for another Antediluvian Countersign and a Hoar Key, This is a save point for this box so if anything goes wrong in the next few missions you can return here and make the trade again.

6. Downtown Mission
Using the Hoar Key in Downtown will activate another mission, This is the final mission for Box 4 and is one of the hardest in game, you will have to fight a large group of high level NPC's Its best to have a full team of players to help out with this, a patcher can be quite useful here.Once you finish up you will find that the Ark of Armageddon has spawned in your inventory..

7. Ark of Armageddon
The Ark of Armageddon is the final and hardest box to complete, before opening this make sure you have as much help as you can possibly get, If can be done with a full team of level 50  players, But my advice is to get Two team's, once again it is recommended to have a Patcher to keep your team healed, buffed and be able to Rez players should they die.
The Box spawns three waves of Angels who are not to be messed with, the goal is to kill all three waves of NPC's before the Box timer runs out. Once you defeat the box loot all the bodys,  the loot is as always non tradable and it is treated like code so if you die and reconstruct it will be lost.

8. The Archaeologist

Once you have looted all go pay a visit to The Archaeologist, Make your way to the Subway in the Historic district, He will offer you the following trade:


  • 6 x Golden Feathers



  • 6 x Golden Feathers
  • Record of Paradise
  • Record of Pact
  • Record of Purpose
  • Record of Ruin
  • Record of Betrayal
  • Record of Judgment
  • Record of Fate
  • Record of Revenge
  • Heavenly Footwear


  • 16 x Golden Feathers
  • Seraphic Wing
  • Angelic Shoes


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