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Archival Science in a Post-War Simulation is a centralized web site for MxO live event transcripts.
MXO Space is a place for us to connect informally through Myspace, and share information, views, life, etc.
The Matrix Online Vault is a fansite which is hosted on the IGN network site, It contains various tips and guides for MxO
Morpheus' Legacy is a Zion faction on Vector that has been around since the first week of release. There are a lot of veteran players that are willing to help you out with anything you may long as it is in reason...=P We RP, PvP, and are a well respected faction on the Vector server.
Z.I.C is a communication channel for all Zion's. This is were any news about the Zion's goes. Be a part of it and help us to get be the best Zion organisation ever in the Matrix. Here we see all as equel, here we are about to create a new future!
Join the Insurgence, Fight the system! Insurgence is an E Pluribus Neo faction on the Vector-Hostile instance. We fight to protect the humans still plugged into the system of lies. We are an RP and PvP faction with helpful and knowledgeable members. Visit our site to learn more.


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