Since the beginning of subchapter 11.3, the Organization "liaison officer" positions, played by LESIG members no longer exist meaning that the following information on LESIG is now Matrix Online history. Although some LESIG members have decided to keep there established characters, others may be renamed for other events and activities, Becuase of this i have decided to keep this section (including the "LESIG" profiles)..


What is LESIG? It's the question that driv.. No wait **cough** LESIG stands for "Live Events Special Interest Group" and is a group of players who have been selected by the developers of The Matrix Online to play minor supporting roles during live events in the form of Liaison Officers, There are a total of 15 Liaison Officers per server, 3 for each Organization. A Liaison's main role is to notify players of when a live event for their organization may be happening and to allow players to get more involved in the story line.

Who is the Liaison for my Organization? The most up to date Liaison list is available in game, to access it do the following: While in the game world, Click the options button on the bottom right hand side of the screen and select "World Events" A screen will appear with a list of all the current Liaison Officers, make a note of which Liaisons are for your Organization and server and add them to your buddy list.

What to say/ask? Liaison's are always "In character" and it is probably best to talk to them "in character" also, But if RP is not a strong point you can always just talk to them as if they were another player. Its best to start off with you letting them know who you are (faction/crew).

Emailing Lists? Some Liaisons use the in-game email feature to notify players of possible up coming events, These emails can contain anything from cryptic messages to information on an operation with a time and place. Its best to ask your Liaison officers to be added to the list, although some Liaisons are known to only add your Crew Captain to the list, If that is the case be sure to check if your Crew Captain is on the list.

How can I become part of LESIG ? It has been asked many a time, But at this moment in time there is no way to submit a LESIG application, LESIG sign-ups were last opened in January 2007 and were closed shortly after, This was the beginning of "LESIG 2.0" a new group of players who were to replace older LESIG members who had gone Awol or who stepped down from their position. There is always a possibility that applications may open up again so its best to keep an eye on Data Node One (Official Matrix Online Forums).


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